Letters to the Editor


To the Editor:

Simply defined, leadership is "motivating a group of people to achieve a common goal." However, with effective leadership comes responsibility.

"The price of greatness is responsibility," a quote from Winston Churchill's autobiography. A favorite expression of President Theodore Roosevelt was "Leaders lead, bosses drive."

Forbes listed three fundamentals of effective leadership: 1. inspire successful vision; 2. excel at communicating; 3. use good judgement. I would add: 4. be ethical.

Whether in government, business or family life, effective leadership is a necessity for successful results; unfortunately, our country is failing in all three. Currently, partisan, dysfunctional government in Washington, lack of ethics in corporate America, failure of our educational system and deterioration of our family unit indicates effective leadership is lacking throughout our society.

Congress and administration approval by Americans is at an all- time low. Parental responsibility continues to decline, while selfish irresponsibility, found in all aspects of society, continues to rise.

Is there a lesson here? To begin, successful, common sense leadership starts by leading by personal example, by being a positive motivator and communicator, inspiring integrity and higher moral values. Quiet, effective leadership, then, can simply be the genuine caring for our fellow man.

A good guide was set by Mahatma Gandhi, who said, "Recognize the good in people and help them grow."

Discouraged? Don't be. You and I in the Lowcountry can encourage society to live by these standards and values by quietly setting the right example in our own daily lives. Live the moment; we can make a difference.

Earle Everett

Moss Creek

To the Editor:

The issue of developing Bay Point Island has again been raised. This island should not be developed!

Development would harm a nationally designated Important Bird Area. In the winter, the island shelters up to 8,000 birds. A new study released by Audubon a few weeks ago found that North America has lost almost 3 billion birds since 1970. One reason is loss of habitat.

Birds need good habitat year-round: nesting areas, wintering areas, and areas for rest during migration. We can reverse this loss with positive actions. Developing this island is NOT one of them!

The island is eroding. Developing barrier islands no longer makes sense, especially on the East Coast. On average, sea levels have risen 5 to 8 inches since 1900, accelerating since 1990.

Studies indicate "hot spots" on the East Coast where sea levels are rising faster. Charleston is one, just a short jaunt away by water.

These issues, along with king tides and more severe storms, questions the sustainability of this resort.

Will government flood insurance cover such a high-risk area? Can the developer self-insure? Will they be looking for help protecting their shoreline in the future? If they cannot self-insure after a storm, will they walk away, leaving destroyed buildings to pollute our waterways and shorelines?

This island is accessible only by boat. Sewer, water and emergency response will be very expensive.

Why would Beaufort County approve developing such a fragile ecosystem? Why risk our beautiful coastline, our birds, and our tax dollars to support another high-end resort? Please vote this down!

Paula Smith


To the Editor:

Stop the billboards for advertising on Hwy. 278. Tacky and junky. We do not need that look.

I recently saw a McDonald's billboard on 278 near Home Depot. I contacted people in Bluffton and they said they have a ban on billboards in their jurisdiction streets, but they have no authority up and down 278.

Please, the powers that be need to not let 278 become an advertisement billboard eyesore. I cannot see any benefit to this other than revenue received by whoever.

This needs to be stopped ASAP so we don't become a junky drive to our beautiful beaches.

Trudy Smith


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