Sun on the Street

With this feature, we seek to capture a glimpse of what you and your neighbors have to say about a variety of topics, issues, events - and just plain fun questions.

You might find us anywhere around Bluffton with a camera and note pad, asking simple questions and looking for thoughtful answers. If we find you, we hope you will want to participate.

At the inaugural Hilton Head Island Music Festival at Honey Horn June 22, we asked: "In the heat of the Lowcountry summer, to what body of water do you feel drawn?"

Louanne Barrett, Hilton Head Island: "Living here, I'm drawn to the ocean. I like to walk the beach - I like the positive ions."

Christopher Neste, Hilton Head Island: "Calibogue Sound. It's where I grew up. The water there flows through my veins."

Morgan Thompson, Hilton Head Island: "Any beach with a good beach bar! There's nothing better than a cold margarita on a hot day."

Logan "Leggs" Edelman, Hilton Head Island: "The bathtub, because it's inside in the air conditioning!"

Judy Costello, Hilton Head Island: "The swimming pool, because it's easy."